About Junior Peacemakers

Junior Peacemakers is a program that was developed in 2001 by the International Relations Students’ Association of McGill University (IRSAM), a fully accredited Non-Governmental Organization with the mandate to foster a sense of global awareness and inspire students to make a difference in their community.

It is an entirely student-run effort during which one session of 60 minutes every week for five weeks, our volunteers will engage with the students on different topics of the world and local matters. The curriculum targets grades five and six and it uses interactive games and activities to teach students about human rights, conflict resolution, and child activism.

All necessary materials are provided, and there is no cost to participate. Last year, the Jr. Peacemakers program visited over thirty classrooms in the Montreal area and our goal is to continue our mission, expanding the program and reaching as many children as possible.

In the near future, we hope to expand our mandate to other types of programs and ways to benefit the beautiful communities of this city.