North America Final College Rankings 2013-2014

20. McGill University

McGill has been improving every year since the rankings have come out and this year is no exception. This is McGill’s highest rank to date and helps them maintain the title as the best Canadian delegation. This season’s accomplishments include a solid performance at HNMUN, an Outstanding Small Delegation at VICS, a  top-five finishes at SCSY, awards at NCSC, and a Best Small Delegation award at CIAC. The organization also hosted McMUN in the winter, which was voted as tied with HNMUN for the best conference in North America.

Head Delegate Emmett Meacher seemed pleased with the team’s strong performance this year. “The McGill delegations team is extremely satisfied which their performance throughout the year having unprecedented success on the circuit with numerous individual awards at and 2 delegations awards at 6 conferences. The team’s accomplishments are a testament towards a new emphasis on training and preparation before the conference. With a great mixture of veteran and new delegates the team is quite excited to see how the next year will unfold.”