As The International Relations Students’ Association Of McGill, Our Mission Is:

  • To offer a neutral forum for members to express their interest in international affairs, and in the United Nations and its goals specifically;

  • To educate and develop an awareness of the United Nations in the local, national, and international communities;

  • To provide its members with the opportunity to contribute to international development in a positive way through participation in activities organized and/or accredited by the corporation.

IRSAM strives to facilitate youth empowerment, leadership, and awareness by providing students with various platforms to become engaged in discussions of International Relations.

My involvement in IRSAM through MIR, the Delegation Team, McMUN, and SSUNS has strengthened my ability to hear different perspectives and articulate mine. This is the value of IRSAM: allowing people to learn while expressing themselves.
— Andrew Figueiredo, McGill Delegation Team Member
Being involved with IRSAM, especially McMUN and SSUNS, have allowed me to meet some of the best friends I have ever had. These people are friends who understand and value the uniqueness of how I grew up as a Third Culture Kid, bring out the best in me, and are people I will be able to count on for decades to come.
— Mariel Boden, Vice Chair of SSUNS 2018 and McMUN 2019
Being a part of IRSAM is an amazing experience to work alongside inspiring members who are extremely motivated, intelligent and driven to change the world for the better. I can definitively say that IRSAM has not only helped me become a better leader and delegate, but also a better person.
— Catherine Steblaj, Social Director of McGill Delegation Team 2018-2019
Being a part of McMUN’s team has been such a rewarding experience. Not only did the conference introduce me to some of my best friends, but it taught me what it means to work on a team to accomplish something great. There’s nothing more fulfilling than that!
— Natalie Schaller, Deputy GAs and ECOSOCs of McMUN 2019
IRSAM is a family, and I’ll never get tired of saying it. Whatever country, program, or walk of life you may come from, IRSAM has a place for you to grow and flourish and that’s the wonderful thing about this community.
— David Esteban Muñoz Beltran, Deputy Head Delegate of McGill Delegation Team 2018-2019
IRSAM is one of those rare organizations that provide a true breadth of opportunity for all students, regardless of major. You don’t have to be an International Relations student to get involved with IRSAM. Whether you’re interested in McMUN, SSUNS, Delegation Team, trips to the United Nations, or something else entirely: there’s a place for you in IRSAM.
— Patrick O’Donnell, Chair for SSUNS 2018 and McMUN 2019