President and Chief Executive Officer

Gordon headshot.jpg

Gordon Barad

Hometown: Pelham, New York
Program: B.A - Major History and Double Minor Political Science and Economics
Year: 4th year, U3


IRSAM is unique in having so many different portfolios to be active in. I’ve made friends for life who share my passions and have the perfect blend of fun, intelligence, and drive. The organization draws diverse people from all different faculties and backgrounds. IRSAM has helped me grow as a person and I’m happy to return the favor by creating the same growth for everyone else

VP Financial Affairs & CFO

Dany headshot.jpg

Dany Morcos

Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario
Program: B.A. - Major Industrial Relations
Year: 4th year, U3

What he likes most about IRSAM: "Staffing the conferences!"


VP Internal Operations


Laura Schulz

Hometown: Lucerne, Switzerland
Program: B.A. - Honours Political Science and Double Minor History and Economics
Year: 3rd year, U3


Thanks to IRSAM, I have not only been able to do the things I am passionate about, I have also met some of my best friends along the way. I remember all the great conversations I’ve had with people and the memories we made, whether it was on Del Team trips or during conferences.

VP External Outreach


Ronan Murphy

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Program: B.A. - Double Major Political Science and International Development Studies
Year: 3rd year, U3


What I enjoy most about IRSAM is the passion that we as members have for it. Everything we do for the Organization is out of love and commitment for it. The word IRSAM brings memories of countless hours of work throughout the year but also the colossally high amount of smiles produced by the people who participate in its prosperity.

VP Delegation Affairs

headshot nicole.png

Nicole Arski

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
Program: B.A. - Honours Political Science and Minor History
Year: 4th year, U3


IRSAM gives me the ability to explore the world of diplomacy and IR through many different avenues, whether it’s by competing on the collegiate MUN circuit as part of the McGill Delegation team or by interacting with other young leaders at our high school conference, SSUNS, and more. Being a part of such a diverse and intellectually stimulating community has taught me to be a better leader, listener, and global citizen, and I enjoy this journey of self-improvement within IRSAM.

Secretary-General, SSUNS 2019

Elisabeth headshot.jpg

Elisabeth Hedstrom

Hometown: Goteborg, SwedenProgram: Honours Political Science and EconomicsYear: 2nd year, U2


IRSAM provides a productive and resource-rich environment for the development of skills like critical thinking, leadership, collaboration, presentation and debate. It fosters friendships based on shared passion, productivity, and the achievement of common goals.

Secretary-General, McMUN 2019

chris headshot.jpg

Christopher Balian

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Program: B.Com - Finance and Minor Computer Science
Year: 4th year, U4

What he likes most about IRSAM: "The conferences - though I may be a bit biased!"


Editor-in-Chief, MIR Online


Sarie Khalid

Hometown: Dubai, U.A.E.
Program: B.A. - Double Major Economics and Political Science and Minor Middle East & Islamic Studies
Year: 4th Year, U4


What I love so much about IRSAM is that it gives McGill international students from all over the world, many from undemocratic regimes, the chance to openly engage in political dialogue and foster their diplomatic skills.

Editor-in-Chief, MIR Print


Marie Fester

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Program: Honours Political Science and Minor Economics
Year: 3rd year, U3


Overall, I find that IRSAM attracts members who are really interesting and fun to be around. Thus, I’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible people and learn a lot about others, leadership, and myself.