SSUNS 2019 Secretariat

SSUNS 2019 Secretariat



Now in its twenty-seventh year, the Secondary Schools’ Model United Nations Symposium (SSUNS) has been held annually by IRSAM, The International Relations Students’ Association of McGill. Every November, SSUNS hosts approximately 1,300 high school and Cégep delegates from across the globe. Continuing this legacy of providing a unique instructive experience to both its delegates and staff, SSUNS will be held this year from November 14-17, 2019. Over the course of four days, delegates will represent members of various United Nations bodies and international organizations to discuss issues of international importance in both present-day and historical debates within a diverse collection of committee simulations. As a result, delegates will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in policy formation, diplomacy, negotiation, and the challenges of building consensus among diverse viewpoints. SSUNS boasts the highest staff-to-delegate ratio of any high school model United Nations conference in North America. This would not be possible without the 350+ McGill students who volunteer their time to contribute to various aspects of the conference each year.

Interested In Joining the SSUNS Team?

Why Join?

  • Opportunity to contribute organizing one of North America’s premier high school Model United Nations conference!

  • Excellent way to become involved in the McGill community and meet hundreds of passionate and talented McGill students!

  •  The social events before and during the conference!

Getting Involved with SSUNS

There are a variety of ways in which you can become involved, including: 

1.    Secretariat – the Executive Team of the conference. 

a.     Positions include: Chargé(e) d’Affaires, Chief of Staff, Chief of Operations, USG Committees, USG IT, USG Finance, Director of PR, USG Committees Deputies, Deputy of Administration, Director of PR Deputies 

b.    Hiring January-February 2019

2.    Logistical Coordinators – contribute to logistical aspects of the conference.

a.     Positions include: Sustainability, Events, Food, Operations, Staff Room, Workshops, Photo/Video, Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies, Page, Delegate Resource Centre

b.    Hiring Spring and Fall 2019

3.    Committee Daises – contribute to the team running each committee at SSUNS.

a.     Positions include: Chair, Vice Chair, Crisis Director, Assistance Crisis Director

b.    Hiring Spring 2019

4.    Committee Staff – contribute to the smooth-running of committees at SSUNS.

a.     Positions include: Committee Director, Crisis Staffer, Page

b.    Hiring Fall 2019

5.    Logistical Staff – contribute to logistical aspects of the conference.

a.     Positions include: Events, Staff Room, Photo/Video, Delegate Resource Centre

If you are staffing SSUNS or are interested in doing so, take a look at the SSUNS Staff Code of Conduct.

Any questions or want to chat? Feel free to reach out to Elisabeth Hedström, this year’s Secretary-General at